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Menopausal Symptoms Relieve

MENAPUL ® is your companion from pre- to post-menopause. Our unique 2-IN-ONE solution helps relief menopausal symptoms while preserving and enhancing skin elasticity. Backed by scientific research. The precisely defined ratio of the MF11RCE® isoflavones contained in MENAPUL® is strictly controlled. These are obtained from a particularly high-quality red clover plant. The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid contained in MENAPUL® has excellent bioavailability. This means that the body can absorb them optimally and for a long time. The unique combination of MF11RCE® isoflavones and hyaluronic acid in MENAPUL® alleviates discomfort and firms the skin. Take 1 tablet daily with a little liquid or after a meal. Give MENAPUL® some time, because the effect does not start immediately. MENAPUL® should be taken for at least 2 months so that the supportive effect can develop.